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AIMFix for AIM Virus Removal – Freeware Download

Sunday, 25 April 2010 13:58:13 (US Mountain Standard Time, UTC-07:00)

    AIM has been known to be extremely prone to viruses.  In fact, the most common forms automatically send out rouge messages to all of a users Buddies.  Therefore ones computer can be used essentially as a bot net to distribute viruses to multiple computers.  Some AIM viruses even spread rootkits and even password stealing Trojans.  Unfortunately, the user (not the virus writer) is technically legally and financially responsible for infecting  others computers.   Therefore it’s imperative to quickly neutralize and remove these AIM viruses.

    Another problem is that main antivirus programs have lagged behind AIM virus removal.  Frequently, many users report that the AIM virus wasn’t removed by Norton, AVG etc.  Therefore, a generous programmer has release AIMFix.  The program is specifically designed to detect and remove AIM viruses such as the W32/Aplore@MM, W32.pipeline, w32.imspread.worm, w32.dinoxi.b, w32.allim.a virus etc.  AIMFix is completely removes all AOL Instant Messenger viruses by simply launching the executable.  In addition, AIMFix is frequently updated with the latest AIM malware and currently has definitions covering all discovered viruses until March 22, 2010.  Keep in mind  that AIM viruses are released less frequently than normal PC viruses and the March 22 date covers all known AIM viruses as of today’s date.

   Download AIMFIX 1.6.322.106 here