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Anti-Trojan Elite 5.2.8 Review and Download

Tuesday, 04 January 2011 19:47:56 (US Mountain Standard Time, UTC-07:00)

     Anti-Trojan Elite is a comprehensive anti malware system.  The program is one of the most widely downloaded (300,000 downloads from a major download site) and updated (new versions released every week).  Anti-Trojan Elite also has the capability to detect at least 57,000 different kinds of the latest viruses.  As the title suggests, Trojans are the program’s detection specialty but it also comes with protection against other information stealing programs including keyloggers and even worms.  The program also includes a real-time shield that detects suspicious network connections and also registry modifications.

    The installation of Anti-Trojan elite was a little more annoying than most.  While the program is a small download at only 6.1 megabytes in size, it requires a restart after installation for full functionality.  Similar full featured antivirus like the just reviewed BitStream antivirus doesn’t even require a restart to function correctly.  However, once the restart was completed the program loaded quickly.  In, idle mode the program used 23.6 megabytes which is a little on the high side vs. the average late 2010 antivirus.

    Anti-Trojan offers a myriad of scanning options.  There is the all disks, fixed disk, removable drives, memory, auto start locations, and my favorite, sensitive areas scan.  Scanning is pretty fast.  The sensitive area scan, scanned 2,500 files in less than two minutes.   The program detected a lot of suspicious entries but a concurrent scan with Norton Security Scan didn’t detect anything.  Also it seems that Anti-Trojan Elite detects a lot of entries pertaining to the fact that the test computer is a 64 bit system, which is unfortunate.  The program scans at approximately 4 megabytes per second and within 12 minutes had scanned over 200,000 files.   CPU usage varies at about 3 to 7 megabytes per second. 

    In addition, to fairly fast scanning.  Anti-Trojan Elite contains numerous system explorers.  The active network connections is like running a netstat –a command. The process explorer is fairly nice because it shows the dll files associated with the active processes.   The IE Repair options (also includes system repair options) allows one to recover certain parts of IE that  are affected by Trojans, but similar functionality could be found elsewhere for free.   The important registry keys functions is also of semi usefulness but again is a common functionality with other programs.

    Finally, I think that Anti-Trojan Elite might need an interface update.  The program has a big grey spot at the bottom of the screen  and the program could have a more windows 7 type look.