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Bitdefender Anti-Phishing Free Edition – Download Here

Wednesday, 09 June 2010 16:40:10 (US Mountain Standard Time, UTC-07:00)


    Bitdefender has just released free anti phishing protection.  The antivirus software will essentially check all websites for fraudulent activity or antivirus.  The four checking methods are detailed below.

  • Instant Filter – Bitdefender Phishing toolbar will detect new malware websites on a minute by minute basis.  The blacklist (bad site list) is constantly updated in an even higher frequency than phishing filters currently built into firefox and internet explorer.  
  • Instant Message Link Checker – If a hacker sends a known  bad link through a instant message, the toolbar antivirus will instantly detect and block the link.  Unfortunately, this technology only works or MSN (Live) and Yahoo messenger; Skype and AIM are excluded.  However, this is the first phishing antivirus that too my knowledge supports any type of instant message system.
  • Multi browser compatibility –  The software includes support for Firefox and Internet Explorer.  Again, unfortunately chrome, opera, and safari are omitted.  Hopefully these browsers will be included in future versions.

     My one pet peeve with the Bitdefender antivirus software is error page redirection.  The toolbar will display their own search engine for 404 error link redirection.  This is similar to the AVG like scanner that is included with AVG free antivirus.  However, there has to be some incentive to provide the download given that the software is completely free and requires no registration.  
     I still highly recommend Bitdefender antivirus software because it can enhance free antivirus protection such as Norton and spyware doctor.

Download the Bitdefender Anti-virus Phishing Toolbar