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Comodo Dragon Secure Browser Review – Free Download

Tuesday, 22 June 2010 19:57:41 (US Mountain Standard Time, UTC-07:00)


   Comodo has released a new browser called comodo dragon internet browser.  Comodo famous for their free Comodo Internet Security Software, has designed this new web browser based upon the venerable google chrome browser.  The browser attempts to bolster the malware protection that is included within the chrome browser. 

Download Comodo Dragon for free here

Improved SSL Certificate Identification –

    SSL certificates ensure that data is encrypted across the network when buying things online. Most of these SSL certificates are obtain from certified retailers (root authority).  However,  it’s actually possible to sign one’s own SSL certificate and bypass a root authority.  Hackers might use this technique to create a false SSL certificate whereby a casual user will think that the spoofed  or phishing website is secure.  Comodo has a particular advantage in this area considering that they themselves are a secure SSL authority.  Therefore a user can expect that all of the necessary SSL validations have been completed and when a user visits their bank website, it is in fact the actual bank website.

Advanced Privacy Protection –

    Comodo Dragon has specific privacy controls that go a step above standard chrome privacy protections.  The browser has built-in tracking cookie and tracking code blockers.  Its almost as if Comodo Dragon runs a selective incognito mode blocking only specific tacking cookies. In addition, Comodo Dragon offers download tracking blocking. 

Thoughts –

   Comodo Dragon isn’t really too different from a standard Chrome installation.  Most of the privacy functions can be achieved by simply downloading and installing 3rd party security add-ons or extensions.  I feel as though Comodo should incorporate more of their antivirus and firewall technology including a sort of zero day protection.  Another problem is that the browser only supports 32 bit operating systems.  Windows 7 64 bit is now being distributed on a good portion of new laptops and isn’t compatible with Comodo Dragon.