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EAV Free Antivirus 6.70 Review and Download

Wednesday, 17 November 2010 12:11:15 (US Mountain Standard Time, UTC-07:00)

    EAV Antivirus  isn’t an antivirus with a familiar name or website.  However, the program is effective at what it does, scanning and deleting viruses, spyware and Trojans.  On top of good detection capability, the antivirus offers unique real time virus and network protections while utilizing very little system resources.

    The installation of EAV antivirus was moderate.  While the installer is only 3 megabytes in size, the program didn’t automatically start after the installation.  Also, EAV free antivirus didn’t install itself into the start menu immediately.  It took actually going to find the program in program files.  Once launched, the program installed correctly.

    After starting the program for the first time, I was immediately prompted that a virus had been detected.  The “virus” was indicated as grooveshellextensions.dll.  This is in fact, a component of Microsoft Office 2007. Ironically, I consider groove to be one of the most annoying programs around.  So, it may not have been that “false” after all.

    One thing that EAV offers that many other free antivirus don’t offer is real time protection.  EAV offers not only real time protection against viruses but also against Trojans and even Network attacks.  The specific network attacks are Windows ARP attacks.  I believe the publishers included this protection as a way to augment the protection already offered by Windows Firewall.

    EAV antivirus has several methods to scan a system including scan memory, scan the network, and full system scan.  The memory scan completed in about 2 seconds and shows all items loaded in memory.  The network scan didn’t work correctly on the test system and no open connections were displayed.  The full system scan did work. Upon starting the scan, EAV requested an update to be downloaded.  The file was 24 megabytes in size.  Scanning performance was hit or miss.  The program would sometimes crash other times it wouldn’t.  There were definitely a lot of false positives detected.  During scanning the program used about 16 megabytes and 10 percent CPU power.

    EAV free antivirus offers some additional welcomed features.  The first one is IE doctor.  Here a user can recovery or reactivate many things that may have been disabled by a virus.  They include unlock the registry, show the run box, show the start button, allow the mouse, and more.  The Windows Doctor includes options to lock/unlock the registry, enable USB antivirus, fix safe mode, show the desktop, and more.