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Free Comodo Internet Security Pro 2011 1 Year License Review

22. June 2011

    Comodo is giving away their Internet Security Program for free for 1 year.  If you go over to the regular Comodo website, you can see that this costs 49.99.  But, I have a special download link to get the version completely for free.  The antivirus has excellent detection and has been awarded ICSA Labs,, WestCoast, VB 100, and a Cnet 5 star rating.  There are also numerous features including auto sandbox technology, firewall, and even free live help via the program interface.  This Comodo antivirus doesn't require activation (auto activates) is completely free and is legally sponsored by the publisher.

    The installation of Comodo Internet Security Pro was easy.  The program comes in a special 1 year setup file.  Double clicking the 59 megabyte file will start the setup automatically.  The setup runs to completion and auto launches Comodo when finished.   One problem is that the setup does not allow one to change the setup’s location.  However, there are no next buttons to click everything is handled automatically.  When the setup completed (in about 1 minute) the program launched the update process.  The update is larger than average at 122 megabytes in size and the program required a restart once it was finished.

    Comodo Internet Security Pro offers  a “Run a Scan” option.  In this sub menu there are the “critical areas”,  “spyware scan”, and “my computer”.  The critical areas scanner scans at approximately 5 megabytes per second (on the slower side) and scans the windows, program files, common files, and more for viruses.  The scan started out slow but then boosted to about 53,000 files scanned within 2 minutes.  The scanner appears to via a memory scan so that scans are faster as they are done more often.   The scanner didn't detect any malware on the test system.  However, given the certifications, including, one can be assured that virus detection is above average.

    In addition, to excellent scanning, Comodo Internet Security Pro offers a fully functional firewall. The feature that stood out was the stealth port wizard.   One can setup the stealth ports for everything but not trusted networks,  alert one to access on any of the stealth ports, or just make it stealth for every type of traffic.  This level of customizability is the norm from Comodo programs.  If you want to see more about it you can read our other Comodo reviews that go in depth on the settings.   However, one other great feature is the option to speak to a “licensed technician”.  Wherever you are within the program this allows one to get help on anything one is confused with.  For example, on the update information there is a chat with a technician option.