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F-Secure Rescue CD Free Antivirus Download

Wednesday, 19 May 2010 11:11:06 (US Mountain Standard Time, UTC-07:00)

    The new F-Secure Rescue CD resembles the Panda Safe CD reviewed not too long ago.  The F-secure Rescue CD contains exactly the same virus definitions and scanning engine as the full windows F-Secure versions.  However, the F-Secure safe CD runs on a modified Knoppix Operating System making it completely separate from Windows.  The F-Secure Knoppix Live CD also has the ability to read and modify locked NTFS files and will rename all viruses detected as .virus rendering any viruses unusable.  In addition, the F-Secure Rescue CD includes an auto update feature via the linux operating system not found in the Norton Recovery Tool or other Safe CD software’s.  The latest virus definitions will be installed onto a Ram Disk allowing for a user to instantly scan rather than needing to be re downloaded and re burned to a CD.   All known competing Rescue disks need to be re downloaded in full when new virus definitions are released (rescue disk downloads can be at least 200 megabytes so this is quite a hassle).

    The F-Secure rescue disk goes one step further by offering all sorts of additional disk recovery tools.  The first included utility is PhotoRec which can restore any deleted information albeit by deletion by a virus or accident .  The Rescue CD also includes TestDisk which allows for the recovery of a lost partition.  All in all, the F-Secure Rescue CD is the most comprehensive Free Antivirus rescue cd offered as of today’s date.

Download the F-Secure Free Antivirus Live CD