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G-Data Boot CD 2011 Free Antivirus with dual antivirus engines

22. October 2010


    The G-Data Boot CD 2011 has just been updated to provide more functionality than before.  The latest version includes the same dual engine antivirus and extremely high protection rates that g-data users have come to expect.  The highly rated Avast and Bitdefender engines are included on the CD.

    Why would one want to use the G-Data Boot CD 2011?  Well, the first reason is one’s Windows has become corrupted or infected by so many viruses, that it is almost impossible to install or run a free antivirus scan.  Today’s complex viruses and worms are specifically designed to interfere with antivirus installations.  Also, while one is in Windows, the virus or worm continues to wreck havoc.  Once a standard antivirus has scanned one area the virus simply returns to the previously scanned area. 

    The solution to all of this is to boot into a custom Linux operating system (G-Data Boot CD 2011) and scan independently of Windows.  This means that no functions of Windows are started leaving a fast and conflict free, virus scan.


    The G-Data Boot CD 2011 is unique from other antivirus Boot CD’s in that,  it contains 2 antivirus engines.  Ironically Avast and Bitdefender also include their own versions of Boot CD’s that I have reviewed before.  However, to get the same protection of just one, one hour scan with G-Data Boot CD, one would have to wait at least three hours and boot multiple rescue CD’s if they did it separately.  Also, with the G-Data Boot CD 2011, a user can select to use either the Avast, Bitdefender, or both scanning engines at anytime.  There is even a heuristics option for even more advanced scanning.

    There are some disadvantages to the G-Data Boot CD when compared with competitors.  The first is that the G-Data only provides an ISO file.  Other Boot CD’s provide capability to be installed on a flash drive for scanning.  Also, G-Data Boot CD 2011 doesn’t really provide any additional functionality other than just scanning for viruses.  There aren’t specific utilities to repair the registry or file operation utilities like midnight commander etc.  However, the boot CD can update the virus definitions from within the program.

   If you're a fan of free G-Data  Antivirus and want superior virus scanning capability then definitely check out this download.