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GMER Review and Free Download

Sunday, 04 July 2010 15:02:21 (US Mountain Standard Time, UTC-07:00)

    GMER is Rootkit detector that is designed to supplement free antivirus to provide comprehensive PC security.  Rootkits are often considered one of the most elusive types of viruses in that they are extremely hard to detect.  Rootkits can install themselves as a driver or secret service that may never show up on the task manager or control panel/administrative tools/services window.  In fact, several free antivirus including the latest version of Free AVG do not include any form of rootkit detection.

    The solution is GMER free rootkit detector.  The software has the capability to find all of the malicious process found below. In addition the scans are fast and can complete in under 1 minute.  I had some problems with Windows 7 in that not all of the scanners were able to be activated.  This also may be because I am using a 64 bit operating system. 

    GMER also includes some handy utilities.  The process tab shows all active process and even includes information about kernel time.  The modules tab show all of the active .dll and .sys files (common rootkit files) and their locations. The last feature that I really liked was the file viewer. The viewer gives the user the option to kill, delete, or copy an active or locked file.

GMER’s anti-rootkit detection capabilities.

  • hidden processes
  • hidden threads
  • hidden modules
  • hidden services 
  • hidden files
  • hidden Alternate Data Streams
  • hidden registry keys
  • drivers hooking SSDT
  • drivers hooking IDT
  • drivers hooking
  • IRP calls inline hooks