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  Google Pack Free Download and Review

Google Pack Screenshot

Google Pack Software Features and Information

  • A Free Download.

  • Can select the software you want to download. Everything is optional.

  • Conveniently manages all of your downloads

  • All the software is available easily from Google in one download.

  • If there is a software update for any of the software installed with google pack, it will be automatically updated.

  • Includes an awesome Software library with free antivirus and free anti spyware software

  • Keeps your computer more productive and more secure.  Google Pack updates to later releases which often contain security fixes and important updates.

  • Final Thoughts: I once again recommend Google Pack. You are probably thinking, oh the irony! But, honestly if every program had the automatic update capability like google pack, then we would live in world with a lot less viruses and computer software problems.

Goggle Pack Text:  By Staff 02/29/2010 — Questions? here

Have you ever had to look all over the internet for software downloads; sometimes not finding what you really needed?  This has now changed with the advent of Google Pack. Google Pack software allows you to download essential computer programs that secure your pc, easily and for free. These essential software programs like, norton security scan or spyware doctor are necessary for a computer's adequate protection against viruses and spyware.  These two software antivirus and antispyware are industry recommended and have superior performance. See FootNote A. The best part of norton and spyware doctor are that they are included with google pack which will automatically download and install the software and any install additional future released updates. This also goes for all the other software that is included with google pack which is optional with google pack download. Some other great optional software is Star Office. Star Office is a free Microsoft word replacement. Consider also giving this software a try.

FootNote A: If you have read the Spyware Doctor and Norton Security Scans reviews' on this website, you can see that both software packages excel in detection and deletion of virus and spyware threats (I also encourage you to check on google for more good reviews from other sites.)

Updates: Google Pack now includes several new programs. The first being Immunet by SourceFire. Immunet is a cloud based companion antivirus that detects viruses via peer technology. If a user on the cloud gets a new virus, the rest of the members are alerted and their virus definitions are instantly updated. Avast is also offered via Google Pack to certain countries. Avast doesn’t require much explanation as it is one of the most popular antivirus on The software now utilizes protected memory or sandbox protection. Finally, Star Office appears to have been replaced with Google Apps. This is a welcomed replacement because everything is moving to the cloud.

Chrome Browser in Google Pack