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Immunos 1.1 Free Antivirus Review

Monday, 29 November 2010 11:32:42 (US Mountain Standard Time, UTC-07:00)

    Immunos 1.1 is a brand new free antivirus application that offers hassle free scanning.  The program really makes the process simple for the novice user.  There are only 5 buttons and scanning is extremely straight forward.   Scanning speed is also above the average antivirus.

    The installation of Immunos 1.1 was easy.  I simply downloaded the executable file (a very manageable 2.7 megabytes in size)  and ran the setup.  The setup completed in about 5 seconds and launched the main program and a handy tray application (can’t be clicked on).  The program then started to download the latest virus signatures which took about  10 minutes to complete based on a 26 megabyte file.  This seems to be why Immunos was such a small download, it didn’t contain any on-board definitions.  One thing I noticed about the update was that the file was called “main.cvd”.  This rang a bell in my head as I have seen a similar name before.  After a quick search, I found that the update file is the same as that is used Clam Antivirus (also moving to the program files, the “engine” folder contains the clam antivirus files). 

    At this point I wasn’t extremely intrigued by Immunos 1.1 because it appeared to be a shell over the clam scan command prompt; not unlike many other “free antivirus”.  However, Immunos 1.1 does offer one thing over its clam scan competitors and that is it’s actually stable and doesn’t constantly crash.  I can easy click through all the menus and I don’t see any evidence of the underlying program.  Also, Immunos has even changed the standard output to state the number of definitions loaded (a healthy 850,000 as of Nov. 29) and spruced up the interface to something very acceptable.

    Resource of Immunos is kind of high when compared to other free antivirus.  The program uses almost 44 megabytes of RAM while idle and adds an additional 90 megabyte process for the scanning engine.  CPU usage is standard at about 12 percent averages and scanning speeds average about 5 megabytes per second.   
Immunos 1.1 offers few additional features to the core scanning functionality.  One stand out feature is the shell integration meaning any file can be easily right clicked and scanned.   Also, the program offers an auto update features and can be set to download updates as little as every day.