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Norton and Google Pack Installation Instructions

 Step 1 – The Download Button is displayed on the Homepage or Click Below to go directly to the Google Pack Download Page. (Below is a screenshot of our homepage).


Download Free Norton Antivirus


  • Download Button is displayed on the homepage below the “Download from Google”: here
  • ** If no Download Button appears, please see the FAQ here
 Step 2 – Arrive at the Google Pack Website and select desired Software. Norton Security Scan may not appear depending on country location (Avast may appear instead). Just in case, there is a backup
second mirror for Norton Security Scan below.


Google Pack Website

  • Simply, select the software you want to download. Above is our  recommended configuration. 
  • Note: Norton Security Scan may not be displayed. We have provided an alternative download HERE.


 Step 3 – Read the Terms and Conditions and Verify Selected Software.

  • Note: Norton Security Scan may not be displayed. We have provided an alternative download.

It’s easy to install Google Pack and Norton Security Scan. Google Pack initially comes in a small initial download installer. This file is approximately 500 kilobytes in size. Once the setup file is downloaded, the installer automatically starts to download all the software that was chosen on the download page.
This means that one doesn’t have to wait around until all of the downloads are finished. The installer will also automatically install the chosen programs. PC Tools Spyware doctor and Norton Security Scan will start and boot with the system upon subsequent reboots. All other programs can be easily found by pushing
start then navigating to the programs folder and select the desired software.


Step 4 – Simply Download and Click Run.

Download and Click Run Twice

  • Follow the instructions above by clicking Run Twice.

PC Tools and Avast may need to do an initial update. Unfortunately, the update can be kind of large so be prepared for at least a short wait. The PC Tools definition update takes approximately 100 megabytes after the first install. Avast is slightly more conservative at approximately 20 megabytes. Once the update is complete
I recommend heading to the settings menu. Not all protections are active immediately. One should select that the resident shield checks “files and process” also make sure that the cloud scanning is also active. Norton Security Scan doesn’t need any configuration and should be able to scan with Insight protection upon the first start
of the program.


Step 5 – The software will automatically install. The antivirus will start protecting one’s system immediately after the installation!

  • Software will install automatically. Simply click Run to run the program.

In addition to great antivirus protection, Google Pack also includes a lot of handy tools after the installation. They include Google Earth which lets one navigate to any spot in the world and even view a Street View of a lot of locations. Also included is Google Toolbar which in its self makes the web safer. The toolbar has special
phishing protections built-in to make sure one isn’t visiting a malware site. Also included is Immunet an open source antivirus. This program can be installed alongside the two other mentioned security programs. Immunet is a cloud antivirus that connects to a network of over 1,000,000 active users. When a malicious file is detected,
all of the users on the cloud are alerted and their definitions are updated. This ensures excellent protection against zero day threats.

Now get ready to use these awesome programs. To return to the homepage and download Free Norton Antivirus and Spyware Doctor please click here.