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Instant Messenger Cleaner and Antivirus Review

Tuesday, 13 July 2010 14:29:13 (US Mountain Standard Time, UTC-07:00)

     Instant Messenger Cleaner is a universal instant messenger cleaner/antivirus that cleans worms and viruses that specifically affect AIM, MSN, etc.  Instant Messenger viruses and Trojans happen to be the most devastating because they often turn a user’s computer into a pseudo bot net.  A bot net in which all of one’s contacts become potential targets for viruses that can affect one personally.  Friends will blame the infected user’s computer for sending them the virus and the sender is also technically liable especially if controversial material is sent.  Even worst, Hackers like these types of social engineering attacks because they are highly effective in that source appears one of their trusted buddies.  In fact, within the last few days I received an email message from a friend whose computer was infected and automatically sent thousands of malware messages to contacts.  As a result, the friend had to send an embarrassing apology.

   The solution is free Instant Messenger Cleaner by Codemonster.  The free antivirus cleaner not only scans common Instant Messaging programs such as AIM, MSN, Yahoo,  but even more obscure and professional programs such as Pidgin, Google Talk, ICQ, Skype, Lotus Same Time, Gadu-Gadu, Microsoft Office Communicator and many more.  One may ask why would Instant Messenger Cleaner be necessary if one already has an antivirus program.  The answer is as simple as asking someone who has been affected by an AIM virus; because standard antivirus definitions aren’t custom tailored to instant messenger infections.

   Instant Messenger Cleaner has auto updating, auto scanning, and auto startup capabilities.  The program is kind of large in memory in that it uses about 33 megabytes of RAM. Malware scans are fast and complete in under 30 seconds making them great for scanning upon every system startup.  Instant Messenger Cleaner also offers some useful tools such as a Windows Thumbnail cleaner, Internet Explorer Cleaner, and a useful Startup Manager.