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IObit Malware Fighter Beta Free

Monday, 27 December 2010 17:17:19 (US Mountain Standard Time, UTC-07:00)

    IObit Malware Fighter is a new iteration of the IObit anti-malware programs.  The difference between Malware Fighter and previous versions is that the software is truly unique.  IObit has actually engineered a brand new antivirus from the ground up.  The program has in-depth scanning, cloud technology, new upgraded interface, multiple real-time shields, and even a brand new heuristic engine.

    The installation of IObit Malware Fighter was brief.  The program is only 10 megabytes in size and includes most definitions on board.  The installer includes a toolbar but I opted not to install.  After the installation was complete, the program auto updated.  The update file was only 16 kilobytes in size making it one of the smallest updates I have seen.

    IObit offers 3 modes of scanning Smart or quick, full system, and custom scans.  The smart scan finished in a approximately 6 minutes and scanned 60,000 files.  The program detected misleading (unwanted) software in the system32 directory.  They were as-exp2.ocx, progressbar4.ocx, and threadapi.tlb.   During scanning Malware Fighter uses approximately 52 megabytes of RAM and 12% CPU power.  Resource usage is in line or lower than the average free antivirus engine.

    IObit Malware Fighter offers a plethora of real time protection shields.  They include a startup, cookie, process, network, file, browser, USB disk, and malicious action guard.   All of these shields are active upon launching the program.  However, none of the shields offer any customizable options in the settings menu or even a simple explanation of what they block.  The next feature is the cloud tab.  The meter is identical to the Norton Insight tab in that it leverages the cloud to determine safe programs on ones computer.  Malware Fighter determined that the test system had 217 safe files and 16 threats.  Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing what programs were classified.  Finally, IObit offers its new form of heuristic detection called DOG or Digital Original Gene.  With DOG, Malware Fighter attempts to analyze programs based upon how they were advertised and distributed.


    IObit Malware Fighter is really lacking on the settings.  There are only a few customizable options.  However, since the program is in beta it’s hard to complain.