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Maftoox Free Antivirus version 2 Review

Tuesday, 07 December 2010 14:32:40 (US Mountain Standard Time, UTC-07:00)

    Maftoox antivirus is a simple yet efficient free antivirus.  Unlike most security software, Maftoox includes a real time shield and even an auto update capability.  Some other notable things about the software are very fast scanning and fairly efficient resource usage.  However, since the software is in beta, virus definitions may not be as robust as other versions.  On inspection of the programs contents, its hard to verify that  a large virus database exists.

    The installation of Maftoox was seamless.  The program was really designed for use on Windows 7.  I didn’t encounter any problems with 64 bit versions; unlike competitors.  The installation didn’t require a system restart and the download was approximately 12 megabytes in size.

    The first thing that is really impressive about Maftoox free antivirus is the interface.  One can easily move through all parts of the menu without a hiccup.  The crucial virus scanning engine is also very good.  The program scans at an impressive 20 megabytes per second on the test system.  This is actually probably one of the fastest scanners that I have tested.    The scanner also doesn’t hiccup when scanning large compressed files like .iso’s and .zip files (tested 700 megabyte files).  The full system scan finished in about 30 minutes and didn’t detect any false positives or viruses.   All in all, the engine had a really corporate feel to it and barely slowed down with concurrent computer usage.

    In addition to the scanning engine, there is also a real time shield.   Maftoox antivirus appears to use two processes and about 40 megabytes of memory at any time.  During scanning the program uses a paltry 6 percent CPU power, which is also significantly lower than other free antivirus.   Updating is also easy.  The program has the capability to auto update from a local or networked directory and/or the publishers servers.

    In addition, to a full antivirus capability Maftoox includes many additional utilities.   There are as follows, a registry cleaner, uninstaller tool, process manager, memory optimizer, and more.  I had a problem launching these programs from within Maftoox.  However, If one navigates over to the program files folder, they can easily launch any of the utilities directly.