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Norton Recovery Tool Freeware Download

Wednesday, 21 April 2010 21:19:44 (US Mountain Standard Time, UTC-07:00)

    Ever had a problem where a virus scareware infection was so bad that Windows would not start? Well this is an all too common occurrence.  It is also one in which a user can find many desperate users who can’t start their Windows machines on Yahoo Answers.  One well known bootable antivirus is Sunbelt’s Vipre Rescue which loads a Windows PE environment and runs a full system scan.  However, Vipre Rescue lacks the industry recognition, suffers from subpar signature definitions, and doesn’t include an easy to use tool to install the antivirus on a device.  The Norton Bootable Recovery Tool solves all of these problems with Symantec’s easy to use program.  The Recovery Tool uses the identical virus definitions as Norton 2010 but in a compact version that doesn’t need to be run in Windows.  The installer will automatically download the antivirus engine and the latest antivirus definition files. The installer will then prompt the user to install the virus protection on either a cd/dvd, an iso file, or a usb thumb drive.  This is fantastic and I haven’t seen an antivirus yet that can install completely onto a bootable usb key.  The iso file is also useful if one needs to transport the file to another computer to burn a disc.  Finally, Norton also includes an option to update the usb key definitions.  This is great because a user doesn’t have to download the 167 megabyte install package each time.

    Once installed on the desired medium, the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool will automatically start upon a system restart into a custom operating system.  A user will then be able to safely disinfect all of the latest known viruses from ones computer.  This whole process couldn’t be easier! Just try creating an ultimate boot disc with Clamwin installed.  Half the time the boot disc doesn’t work and the other half time Clamwin can’t neutralize the virus.  Norton has revolutionized this virus removal process.