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Outpost Antivirus Pro 7.0 – Free Download

Friday, 18 June 2010 15:52:12 (US Mountain Standard Time, UTC-07:00)

    Outpost  Antivirus Pro is the first offering by Agnitum into the antivirus sector.  The company has been offering a firewall product for years that provides excellent protection and frequently is awarded for its excellent protection.  The new software Outpost Antivirus Pro 7.0 provides a few innovative features that most free antivirus don’t offer and even includes the venerable firewall protection.

Download OutPost Antivirus Pro 7.0 for free64 bit Version

System and Application Guard –

    Outpost Antivirus Pro 7.0 includes an advanced application protection mode.  The antivirus will automatically locate and protect all known programs that access the internet from malicious modification and malware access.  For example, Outpost will locate Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari etc. and prevent malware from installing rouge active x or add ons.  The list of applications is constantly updated to include all major network applications.

Folder Lock –

    Outpost Antivirus Pro 7.0 includes the ability to lock files and folders from modification.  A user could set the Documents folder with a password lock.  If a user, program, or unauthorized network user attempts to access the folder,  they will receive an access denied message as if the folder was in currently in use or corrupted.  Only the Outpost Antivirus Administrator can type in a password to correctly unlock the folder.  This protection is a step above standard Windows Authentication.

Application Monitoring –

    Outpost Antivirus also has excellent application monitoring capabilities.  Say you want to know about how any application on the computer is operating.  In an easy to read and understand way, Outpost Antivirus will lay out all of the registry changes and file modifications that any process makes.  If one doesn’t like a certain modification Outpost gives the user the ability to Block or Quarantine any action.

Auto Learning –

    The Auto Learning Feature is probably the best feature of Outpost Antivirus Pro 7.0.  When auto learning is turned on a user will experience zero pop-ups or approval notifications as the software is automatically learning all of a computer’s secure processes.  This option would be great to run after a new Windows re install as it will learn all necessary functions and save them through out the life of a PC. A user will in turn have fewer notifications but more effective security.

    As one can deduce, Outpost Antivirus Pro 7.0 is an Internet Security Software in disguise.  With a real-time protection engine, password management,  excellent browser security options, and not to mention all of the preceding billeted points,  Outpost Antivirus Pro 7.0 is a true winner if one wants a secure computer.