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RemoveAny Antivirus and Antispyware Review and Download

Tuesday, 21 September 2010 22:18:05 (US Mountain Standard Time, UTC-07:00)

    RemoveAny is a very tiny application (only 902 kilobytes aka under 1 megabyte) with a grandiose claim, the capability to remove spyware and malware.  One may ponder how does the free program achieve such a feat will not utilizing standard antivirus definitions.  Well, RemoveAny utilizes a heuristic engine to detect virus, spyware, and even rootkits, etc.

    The RemoveAny interface is pretty basic but works.  When the user first starts the program after an installation, the user is prompted to either use the program in Simple or Expert Mode.  RemoveAny then proceeds to scan the system.


    The scanning process is very efficient.  RemoveAny only uses about 18 megabytes of RAM and 13 percent CPU power for about 2 minutes to completely scan the test system.  Upon completion, RemoveAny only detected 2 suspicious files both of which were false positives but made sense as to why they were detected.  One of the suspicious files was magic disc which essentially installs a driver onto the system and could potentially be deemed suspicious in nature (ala the Sony Rootkit cd rom driver).  The next file was Trend Micro’s HijackThis but I am confused why it was detected. RemoveAny claims it hides its file contents.

    However, RemoveAny includes a handful of useful features.  The first is that with any detected item, RemoveAny gives the user the option to quickly google the files to verify if it is legitimate or not.  The next feature is the integrated support by the publisher.  The program automatically creates a summary of all files detected and then gives the user the option to send the virus samples to the publisher for examination.  This is really one nice thing about smaller antivirus programs (aka Immunet); the personal attention to customer service.  Finally, the program includes a quarantine like functionality.  Finally, when the program closes the publisher asks for feedback about RemoveAny.  This again goes along the line of providing superior customer service