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Rizone Inoculate Virus Cleaner 1.2.8 Review and Download

Sunday, 24 October 2010 12:49:48 (US Mountain Standard Time, UTC-07:00)

    Rizone Inoculate Virus Cleaner is a completely free standalone antivirus with an extensive signature database.  Rizone is an independent software publisher who has a variety of different computer programs.  Inoculate Virus Cleaner has a surprising mainstream feel given it’s from a smaller software house.

    The installation of Rizone was pretty hassle free.  If one knows how to handle a zip file, all one needs to do is extract the contents to another folder.  Once the files are extracted, simply start the executable.  Rizone Virus Cleaner takes a while to initially load when compared to other free antivirus. 

    The Virus Cleaner is a pretty basic antivirus in that it only offers on demand scanning.  There is no update functionality or real-time shield.  What Rizone offers over most basic freeware antivirus, is an extensive virus database.  The database has over 300,000 signatures and is about 20 megabytes in size .  Rizone also uses minimal computing resources and only 10 megabytes of RAM and about 10% CPU power. On average Rizone scans about 20 files per second.  Unfortunately, there is no custom scanning option one is only able to select available drives on the computer. The full system scan took about 2 hours to complete.   Rizone Virus Cleaner did detect the Eicar test virus on the test system.  There have been reviews that suggest Rizone Virus Cleaner has a problem with false positives.  The program also detected the Intel chipset driver difxapi.dll as a Rouge.AntiSpywareBot.  This is kind of an important file and is not a virus.  It doesn’t seem that there is an ignore feature only a quarantine and remove option when a virus is detected.  Sometimes I wasn’t able to get the virus scan to resume after I closed the infection dialog box.

    Rizone Virus Cleaner does have some handy features.  The first is that there is no installer.  This means that a scan can be easily run on just about any system.  Next, the program includes a resource monitor built in to the application.   Finally, the quarantine is simply a folder within the install folder. 

    Rizone Virus Cleaner is currently in beta.  Keep an eye on later releases as the program as it has a lot of potential.