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Well since your only on this page for 10 seconds, I’ll try to be as fast as possible. First of all, after 10 seconds, you will be redirected to the Google pack website. And may I add the Google Pack version 3’s website! There are so many improvements to version three that I may not have enough time to tell you. However, the biggest improvements are in the realm of security software. Google Pack now offers Avast, Immunet, and Spyware Doctor to everyone. Since I’ve went over each of these programs several hundred times, I think I am going to highlight some of the other free software in Google Pack (for once).

The first and I believe most interesting program is Google Cloud Connect. This is a brand new technology plug-in for Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint, and Word that syncs documents with the cloud. This is identical to the Microsoft SharePoint software for businesses in that it allows users to keep up to date sync versions of their documents and collaborate with coworkers. This allow users at home to have the same technology as corporations for free and increase productivity.

Another great Google Pack program is Skype, of which I use on a regular basis. Skype also one to call users all over the world for free. New phones with front facing cameras allows web chat over the internet and Skype Out allows people to call others via their mobile phones. I think the most interesting thing about the inclusion of this program, is that Microsoft bought Skype.

Next, is Google Apps. Google Apps is an full office sweet like program completely on the cloud. It includes program like Microsoft Office that are also compatible with their formats completely from the browser. Also, no additional downloads are necessary as all files are saved onto the cloud for quick access and safe keeping. Finally, all file can be accessed and edited simultaneously by colleagues. Therefore, you see the changes they made, instantly on the screen.

The biggest program on Google Pack is Chrome. Chrome is Google’s own internet browser, and is really the fastest and most stable of them all. Also developer support is increasingly leaning towards Chrome. The most recent example is the founder of FireBug packing up shop and working for Google. Another example, is the huge adoption of Android devices, preloaded with guess what, Chrome.

Finally, one of my favorite programs of Google Pack which is Google Earth. This program is probably already familiar. But did you know that it includes a full flight simulator. Did you also know that it includes live traffic reports. Regardless I highly encourage you to take a look at the functionality offered by the assortment of filters.

Given all of these programs that can be downloaded for free at one time, it makes it perfect for users with a new PC to get started quickly.