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Again, since I only have 10 seconds I will try to talk about Norton Security Scan as quickly as possible. The first thing about Norton Security Scan that’s intriguing is its size. The program is really one of the smallest antivirus software available at only 400 kilobytes in size. Even Prevx which claims to be the smallest antivirus available can’t beat that. However, Norton Security still does need to download virus definitions, which can be kind of time consuming. I have actually had download sizes in excess of 100 megabytes. But, keep in mind that it’s well worth it given the detection capability that Norton offers.

While Norton Security Scan doesn’t come with a resident shield or always on protection, it still is a formidable opponent against viruses when run frequently. Given that Symantec has the best detection rates in the industry, it’s always my personal last line of defense. If there is a time when I am not sure whether or not there is a virus on my system, I do a quick on demand scan.

One problem with Norton Security Scan, unlike PC Tools Spyware Doctor and Immunet included with Google Pack, is that it cannot remove viruses. While this is definitely a down side it is not a deal breaker when used in conjunction with the above antivirus. This is because the program tells you exactly where the viruses is located via its full path. Another disadvantage of Norton Security Scan is that it has some banners in which ask to upgrade to the full version. But, this does not detract from the programs detection capabilities. The program will also automatically setup a schedule to run scans via the settings menu. There is also a convenient link to uninstall the program via the settings menu.

The latest version of Norton Security scan detects if there is security software installed on the computer and if the computer has web protection installed. There is also a convenient pause and cancel button prominently displayed. If web protection is not detected, one can install Norton Safe Web Lite quickly via the Safely Search on line button.

One thing that I have noticed comparing the older version with the latest is that fewer threats are detected. I believe this is because Symantec has taken an active policy against removing false positives. This can only benefit the user in the long run. Finally, eventhough Norton Security Scan has a few disadvantages, the benefits clearly outweigh them.