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Welcome to the Support Page! If you have a question about Free Norton
and Spyware Doctor download or anything else please see below.

Please email our support team if you have any website questions or comments.

Email: OR use the form below (javascript required).

We will do our best to get back to you within in 1 business day. In the mean time please see our FAQ here.

Thank you very much! Team

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This is our contact page. While you may think it may be difficult to say something about it, I disagree. Here’s why. If your having a problem with Free Antivirus we want to know about it. We can definitely tell that some users have problem via our statistical programs. So please speak up. We also have a twitter feed that’s also a great avenue to get in touch with us when the time is necessary.

Since we get a lot of emails about a wide range of subjects, I would like to quickly answer some of them here. First, of all we are not associated with Google or Symantec. Therefore, if you have a problem with Norton Security Scan or Google Pack, please make sure to either contact Symantec or Google. Next, none of our programs contain viruses or spyware. Unfortunately, some users on the internet have tried to claim that they do. This is false and a lie.

As with any software, sometimes there will be conflicts. Therefore, please make sure that you have uninstalled all antivirus. Regardless of what anyone says, it’s always a bad idea to run multiple antivirus on one system if they do contain real time antivirus engines. If the antivirus are on demand then it’s ok, because they don’t have active processes that can conflict with each other. Even if you think you don’t have an antivirus software installed there is a good chance that you still do. Most new computers have trial antivirus software installed. Therefore, head over to the control panel and then to Program’s and Features and browse for security software. If you are unsure simple google the name of the software and you will definitely find information about it.

We do have two ways that you can contact us, either through the email or the web form. It’s easiest to just the web form because it thwarts spammers and malware. If you insist, we still read emails sent directly to our email account.

We sometimes also get complaints if someone purchased an antivirus program from this site from something they downloaded. We have hundreds of antivirus programs on Free antivirus help and therefore, it is impossible for us to support each and every one. Some antivirus may show a small banner that alerts you to upgrade to the full version. This is your choice alone. However, please keep in mind that from now on, the company that you purchased the software from will provide support.