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The Cleaner 2012 v8 Review Free Download

Monday, 21 February 2011 16:18:42 (US Mountain Standard Time, UTC-07:00)


   The Cleaner 2012 is a new antivirus that offers fast scanning and a large virus database.  The publisher, Moosoft, claims that the program has one of the fastest scanners available and in tests we found this claim substantiated.  The Cleaner 2012 also has multiple scanning databases  including the file spect, deepscan, malware, registry, and files databases.  All of these combined allow the program to detect 168,205 different forms of viruses.   In addition, to definition based protection, The Cleaner also offers heuristic scanning, a full whitelist, and a quarantine.

    The installation of The Cleaner 2012 was quick.  The program had no compatibility issues with the Windows 7 64bit test system.  The download was 43 megabytes in size and there appears to be multiple types of setup files across the internet.   A word of warning is to avoid shabby download sites as one triggered a Norton Insight protection alert.  Once the installation was completed, the program updated automatically.   The nice thing is that the definitions downloaded extremely fast at about 300 kilobytes per second.  Most free antivirus (Avira) provide limited bandwidth updates that can take hours to complete.

    The Cleaner 2012 offers two different types of scanning options, the Smart Scan and the Full Scan.  The Smart Scan is really fast and it scanned about 80,386 objects (files) in 1 minute and 41 seconds.  The Full Scan took about 45 minutes to complete which is about a third the time of the average free antivirus and scanned over 387,700 objects.   The virus scanner also scanned at approximately 12 megabytes per second.   Thankfully, no viruses or malware were detected on the test system.

    In addition to a very fast scanner, The Cleaner 2012 offers several features.  There is a cloud or community based network MooNet which presumably stops zero day attacks.   There is a heuristic settings slider where one can set the scanner to the paranoid or relaxed mode.   I personally liked the alert by email option which allows one to send alerts remotely if viruses are detected.  For novice users there is a basic interface and for experts an advanced view.  Finally, there is an AutoRun Vaccine protection to prevent removable drives from spreading viruses and a force delete option for locked processes.

    The Cleaner 2012 resource usage was higher than average.  While idle the program used approximately 70 megabytes of RAM.   During scanning, the memory footprint increased to about 140 and used anywhere between 5 and 15 percent CPU power.