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USB Disk Security 5.4 Free Review and Download

Saturday, 02 October 2010 15:17:20 (US Mountain Standard Time, UTC-07:00)

    USB Disk Security has a made quite the bold claim, the publisher’s software protects against a 100% of USB viruses.  The company claims that they use a proprietary technology (I wish the company would elaborate) to prevent a virus from automatically uploading itself to the target computer.   I would imagine that the software blocks the autorun.inf, however, USB Disk Security goes above and beyond and can actually detect malware based on heuristics.  What’s also nice is that USB Disk Security doesn’t require antivirus definitions to be constantly updated.  Full protection is already included.

    USB Disk Security comes completely functional in a tiny 1 megabyte installation file.  Once the software is installed, the program occupies only 2.5 megabytes of RAM and close to zero CPU power.  This is impressive considering  that USB Disk Security has a real time shield that constantly monitors new USB drives. 

    I want to emphasis the importance of having a good usb antivirus.  Lately in the news, the Stuxnet worm has infected millions of computers all over the world.  The worms primary infection method is through the usb port.  This means that one doesn’t even need to be connected to the internet to get infected.  In addition, the user who shared their pictures with you via a usb flash drive is also clueless that their thumb drive even has a virus.  Even more alarming, is that most mainstream free antivirus and internet security software do not include a form of USB protection.  This means that most computers are vulnerable to these types of viruses.

    USB Disk Security mitigates or totally eliminates usb viruses.  The first way is through the USB shield which constantly scans for any new removable drives (camera, micro SD, compact flash, usb hard drive, or any usb storage device etc. are also included).  The next functionality is the USB Scan which is an on demand virus scanner for usb drives.  USB Disk Security even monitors a system’s memory for virus activity which may or may not be related to a usb drive.  Finally, USB Disk Security includes a quarantine just in-case a suspicious file needs to be restored for later use.

    USB Disk Security also includes an auto start manager, registry repairer, and even a temporary file cleaner.

    Please note that the free version of USB Disk Security only includes detection and blocking capability.  However, this still completely reasonable and a great addition to any existing free antivirus.