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Virus File Recovery with ICare Data Recovery Free Full Version

Monday, 24 May 2010 18:29:08 (US Mountain Standard Time, UTC-07:00)

    iCare Data Recovery Software is offering its data recovery software for free for a limited time only (we reviewed easeUs data recovery software before).  This software normally costs $69.99 but is free until the end of May 2010. Why would a user want to use recovery software?  The most common answer is because a virus has deleted or modified important files.  Often viruses or worms will load modify system files with to spread virus copies to easily spread via p2p etc.  This feature also makes the viruses more difficult to delete by antivirus software.  After an antivirus scan is performed, the antivirus may delete many files such as .sys, .dll, .doc, .jpg (all a users photos) or .docx.  This is where data recovery software usefulness comes in.  On any Windows system (Windows Xp, Vista and 7) the file system retains copies of all of a systems files regardless of file deletion and/or modification.   Recovery software such as iCare’s can access non operating system allowed portions (essentially RAW areas) and successful restore affected files instantly.

    Viruses can also often infect the Master Boot Record (the MBR is critical for Windows Boot process) and make drives including thumb drives inaccessible.  ICare’s Data Recovery Software can fix all of these problems by restoring the MBR and fixing bad hard drive sectors. Finally iCare’s software is completely compatible with Windows 7. Download the full version below and use the license code in the picture above.

Download the free full version of iCare Data Recovery Software