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IObit Security 360 Review and Download (Updated 11/03 MalwareBytes vs. IObit)

24. October 2009

Security 360

Review Summary  

     I just installed IObit Security 360. The software is not aimed at replacing a main antivirus software but augmenting a PC’s security.  On the main menu, there is a check your pc’s security option.  Basically, it includes a cookie and track deletion utility.  The program has a quick scanning feature; however, the scanning will stop when you leave the scanning page.  Security 360 uses about 62 megabytes when scanning for viruses and malware and about 17 megabytes when idle.  The memory usage is significantly higher than competing antivirus products.  The virus scan found mostly cookies on my machine.  The virus scan also found “Hijack.DisplayProperties.”  Interestingly, this is identical to what MalwareBytes Antispyware finds and is not a result of malicious modification hence a false positive.  (Update 11/03 This issue is explained on this thread here and here and is very common among Windows Vista 64bit Operating systems. It is not malicious.  BTW Malwarebytes was originally the only antispyware program to alert me to this problem) I have posted below a picture of the malwarebytes detection and the iObit detection. Notice the same name and location.

MalwareBytes Hijack.DisplayProperties Photo

MalwareBytes Photo

Here it is clearer…

Iobit Hijack.DisplayProperties Photo

You can read a more in-depth analysis into this issue at

Original Review continued…

The real-time protection isn’t completely enabled and excludes zero day virus protection.  However, this can be enabled by simply going to the real time protection menu and selecting the button.  It seems like the trial works as if it is freeware only automatic updates and scheduling scans are disabled. However, you can still update the program by clicking update.  The program also offers virus tools which basically are re-branded versions of Spyware Blaster and Hijackthis but with more user friendly menus. 


   The only problem I have with Security 360 is that it isn’t a mature product.  The program only has about 200,000 security fingerprints. This is in contrast to other competing software with millions of detection definitions.  The Security Holes scanning utility is also not available for 64bit O/S yet.  It comes with a currently "not supported message" instead of a functional utility.


   While IObit Security 360 is far from perfect, you can get Security 360 full for free during the promotional period. Go to the website below to download.