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Free Webroot Virus and Spyware Scanner

Monday, 03 May 2010 20:48:50 (US Mountain Standard Time, UTC-07:00)


   Webroot virus and antispyware scanner has been highly recommend by this site since its inception.  While the software originally started out as just an antispyware program it has begun to offer virus protection.   Scanning is quick and seamless.  The software has very efficient cpu usage and memory usage.   Webroot also offers several advantages over Malwarebytes and Adaware.  One being that Webroot is a large corporation and also caters towards fortune 500 companies.  This means that a consumer PC will receive similar if  not the same protection as major corporations that process millions of credit cards.

    Webroot offers a new free scan utility.  The scanner will utilize the latest antispyware and antivirus definitions in its scan.   This scanner is similar to Norton Security Scan and A-squared Scanner.  Updates are fast and download in under a minute on a cable mode.  Unfortunately, the Webroot scanner didn’t find any spyware or viruses on my computer.  Don’t be alarmed this is normal if you frequently read my reviews.. I keep my computer pretty clean with NoScript, Ghost Tracker, and Firefox.   Download the scanner below.

Download The Webroot Free Spyware Scanner