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GGreat USB AntiBody 2.95.1 Review and Download

Thursday, 25 November 2010 13:19:29 (US Mountain Standard Time, UTC-07:00)

    I have reviewed several  USB like vaccine programs before (Panda and others), however GGreat USB AntiBody is by far the most comprehensive.  GGreat does not only block autorun.inf files but has the capability to scan USB drives for viruses (classifying them based on security) and even install protection on to a flash drive to prevent future infection.  This makes GGreat a nice compliment to free antivirus that lack USB immunization capabilities.

    The GGreat USB Antibody installed in less than a couple of minutes.  One problem I ran into during install, was the inability to change the installation folder.  The program insisted that I must install the program on the C: drive while I really wanted to install on the D: drive.  I lost the battle and let the program install on the system drive.  The download of the files was a reasonable 1.8 megabytes in size.

    After installation, GGreat USB Antibody immediately starts protecting a system.  Upon the insertion of a USB drive (contained Ubuntu),  I received a threat message.   While this is technically a false positive, the threat is that the autorun.inf wanted to start an exe file (which could be have been malicious).  GGreat USB AntiBody gives the user the option to remove the AutoRun.inf or ignore.  After making a decision, the program offers to install auto run protection on the drive.  The protection appears to just simply clear the autorun.inf file of its contents.  GGreat USB Antibody does however make a backup of the original autorun.inf  labeling it as autorun.inf.stop.

    GGreat USB Antibody offers a benchmark of safety for each drive.  The software scans for a variety of metrics including capability to hide a virus in the recycled folder,  double clicking of an exe inside of a USB drive, and unknown procedures detected in the USB drive.  GGreat USB Antibody also allows the user to scan for suspicious files inside of the flash drive.  One can delete any suspicious files that are detected.

    Finally, the resource usage of GGreat USB Antibody is very reasonable and can easily be installed alongside an existing free antivirus.   The program only uses about 3 megabytes while actively protecting via the system tray.