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Trojan Killer Anti-malware Download and Review

Wednesday, 20 October 2010 17:51:52 (US Mountain Standard Time, UTC-07:00)

    Trojan Killer is a complete antimalware program that scans ones computer quickly and efficiently.  As the name suggests, Trojan killer is specifically targeted towards detecting and deleting Trojans.  However, the program can detect viruses, worms, and also Spyware and contains about 500,000 known virus definitions.   Trojan Killer includes a lot of additional functionality including a complete “explore windows modules” option and even a quarantine capability.

    The installation of Trojan Killer was seamless.  The download was approximately 20 megabytes in size.  After the swift installation was completed, the program immediately downloaded the latest updates from the internet.  

    After the updates were installed, the program immediately started scanning for malicious programs.  Trojan Killer has an excellent detection engine.  The program detected a variety of malware and potential viruses.  The first item detected was the Ask toolbar in the temporary files.  I think this file could definitely be considered a potentially unwanted application.  Trojan Killer also detected as-exp3.ocx and systray.ocx (Update: I uploaded the files to Jotti’s which determined that the files were false positives, however on google I did find some information that it could be linked to a rouge antivirus).  I couldn’t confirm whether these samples were false positives or not.  The scan took about 10 minutes to complete and used about 5 to 8% CPU power.  The only disadvantage seems to be found in the fact that the program can use upwards of 500 megabytes during a scan.  While the system functionality didn’t seem reduced, older systems might face RAM shortages during a scan.  Trojan Killer offers a Full System Scan, Standard Scan and a Custom Scan.

    The next feature of Trojan Killer is the capability to explore Windows Modules which include active x components, windows services, ie extensions, and startup links.  The scan basically classifies all of the items in these categories as safe or not safe.  The scanner was very extensive and found numerous items.  The first of which was the HotSpot shield program.  The scanner determined that this file was a backdoor.bifrose which I can understand.  The explorer also identified many files as safe which might trick other free antivirus programs.

    Finally, Trojan Killer also has a tools section.  In this section there is an option to reset internet explorer back to its default settings, reset the Windows Host file, and also reset the Windows Update Policies.  All of these will help a user fix their computer after a malware infection.