Microsoft's Free Antivirus and Secure XP

Great security is important for all computers.  The fact that the software
programs are free makes it even more important to get a
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new free antivirus "Morro"

Microsoft Free antivirus Morro

       Microsoft will finally release a free
antivirus called Morro.  The antivirus will be based upon the original
Windows One Care Antivirus.  I outlined the original Windows One Care's

. I've come across a few articles on the internet that basically state
the notion that the Windows One Care antivirus engine was insufficient. 
However, in av-comparative reports, they found (here)
that One Care received the highest ranking "Advanced+." So there is
definitely some contradictory information on the internet. This may be because
if Microsoft is going to offer a free antivirus, the product would go into
direct competition with the current entrenched competitors in the antivirus
industry with billions of dollars in revenues.  The stakes are high since
Microsoft is providing the free antivirus  and it will definitely be downloaded by a
large amount of people.  These people may think twice about buying a regular antivirus
product.  I have also heard threats on part of the antivirus companies that
will sue if a Microsoft free antivirus program is released.

       I think there is also another important
point to note. If Microsoft bundles free antivirus software with their operating
system, the industry as a whole will probably not benefit.  This is because
the current environment allows competition and an increased difficulty to attack
the masses' computers. If the there is only one antivirus used by
the majority of users, then hackers will test their viruses to make sure that the
free antivirus doesn't detect their virus.  Millions of computer's could be
impacted in such a situation.

  The US Government and Microsoft
develop secure XP

Secure Windows XP

   This is excellent news because Windows XP really
needed a hardened Kernel for governmental use.  This story has
parallels to the secure Linux Kernel Developed by the NSA.  The
secure installation was called SELinux and you can read more about
it here
The new windows XP will be used by the US Air Force to secure their
Windows installations through Group Policy options etc. 
Interestingly, Microsoft representatives denied that Microsoft would
provide a customized XP install for any one.  However, the
interesting part is the the shear number of contracts the US
government has with Microsoft.  Given the government's clout it
seems very reasonable that Microsoft would provide such an
accommodation.  The other problem with a secure windows xp
version is why can't the public also be given an opportunity to
have access to the same operating system.  Why does the average
computer user have run a more un secure operating system version. 
The answer to this question may align with the fact that Microsoft
has officially discontinued support for Windows XP.  They have
a financial motive to get users to move to their newer operating
systems such as Vista or Windows 7.

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